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Three New Direct Billing Partners Join Renai!

We are proud to announce that Shanghai Renai Hospital International Medical Center has three new direct billing partners.

Check our 41 direct billing partners below:


Direct Billing

Direct billing occurs when doctors or medical providers send their bills straight to the health insurance company for payment, rather than having the patients receive the bill and file the claim all by themselves. This eliminates the process for the patient to handle the initial interaction with the insurance company.

How Is Direct Billing Done?

Before direct billing came to BC, it used to be that the only option for getting these services paid for was to pay for them yourself upfront, submit the receipt either by mail or online, and then wait for a cheque in the mail (or a direct bank deposit). The turnaround time to get the money this way can be prohibitive for people who are tight on cash.

Many companies have now created websites that allow clinics to log in themselves and get paid directly, saving you the hassle of both submitting and waiting for your money!

This is great news! All you have to do is bring your insurance card and ID card(like passport) and we can directly bill for you!
Direct Billing Process

Step 1

Contact the hospital to confirm whether your health insurance can be used or not. And then booking an appointment via email or telephone.

Step 2

Bring your ID card (or passport) and insurance card.

Step 3

After your visit we will give you the necessary claim form for you to sign, which will be submitted on your behalf.

Step 4

Our hospital will manage the settlement with the insurance companies directly.

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